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– I-PORT Bladeless
– I-PORT Optical

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i-Port Optical Trocars

Clear Dolphin Obturator tip offers outstanding visualization during Trocar insertion; provided with easily operated Scope locking system.

size (mm) 5 10 12 15
Ref# MNM-505V MNM-510V MNM-512V MNM-515V
Ref# MNM-505VK MNM-510VK MNM-512VK

i-Port Autoshield Trocars

Flat Bladed Obturator provides a smooth and safe insertion and features an auto retracting blade shield which prevents damage of internal structures during Trocar insertion.


size (mm) 5 10 12
Ref# MNM-505S MNM-510S MNM-512S
Ref# MNM-505SK MNM-510SK MNM-512SK

i-Port Bladeless Trocars

Blunt Obturator tip with dual tissue separators to minimize the fascial defect through muscle-splitting and to allow surgeons to forego closure of fascia.

Size (mm) 3 5 10 12
Ref# MNM-103B MNM-505B MNM-510B MNM-512B
Kit MNM-103Bk MNM-505Bk MNM-510Bk MNM-512Bk