About Us

MAJnMAR is the result of a lifetime spent working in and serving the medical supply community. We know that surgeons, nurses, technicians, doctors, assistants, therapists, aides, and support workers provide the critical healthcare needs that are required to keep us alive and thriving, it is our privilege to be your partner as a reliable supplier in this essential work.

Our founder’s history is an important part of MAJnMAR’s mission. Mr. Halabi began his journey in Syria, but when the war started, he moved to Canada to build a new life—creating a proudly Canadian business that could give back to the country and the people that welcomed him and his family.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we adhere to the highest standards in the design and manufacturing of medical and surgical products. Our company and product portfolio are licensed by Health Canada, and trusted by distributors across the globe.

We are committed to providing the best quality products, at competitive prices, shipped promptly and securely to wherever our supplies are needed. In the best interests of serving those who serve our healthcare needs, we continue to produce new products, apply new innovative technologies, and provide better combinations in order to best meet the needs of our healthcare professionals.

From the bottom of our heart, and with every product we ship, we thank you for your business.